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I'm a narrative designer, working at the intersection of story and gameplay. I aim to craft experiences that offer meaningful choices, compelling worlds, and memorable characters.

I love games, literature, cinema, history, and culture in general. I speak fluent English and French, and am currently learning Japanese.

I'm based in the United Kingdom, where I work as a Junior Narrative Designer at Ubisoft Reflections.


Professional Work

I am currently working at Ubisoft Reflections on unannounced projects.

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Project Madison

Office simulation, strategy, and petty revenge in 1960s Madison Avenue.

* Featured on itch.io and Rock Paper Shotgun in June 2019!

Project Madison



Ryū Ga Gotoku's Japaneseness in Local and Global Contexts:
Challenges of Cultural Translation

(8.8k words, 2019)
Exploring how cultural specificities affect games locally and globally. I specifically focused on manifestations of Japaneseness in Ryū Ga Gotoku (Yakuza).

Catalogue of Writing

Catalogue of writing on Contextual & Theoretical Studies

(32 pages, 2017)
Curation of blog posts and thought pieces, collated in a catalogue I designed myself for print.


Posts about games, design, and other topics.

Personal blog site




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