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13 Feb 2018

In Ace Attorney games, players must find clues and resolve a crime. The problem solving involved can be split into two categories: non-insightful, and insightful.

According to Bowden, "non-insight problems are designed to be solvable through a process of systematic appl...

6 Feb 2018

In active stealth games, players can voluntarily choose to hide from enemies (Bycer, 2014). As noted by Bycer, "stealth design has to be made 100% clear to the player" (2017), and the use of UI indicators can be an efficient way to communicate stealth levels to players...

8 Dec 2017

  Over the last decades, increases in computing power and game development techniques have allowed virtual worlds to become increasingly complex, allowing for exponential immersion and engagement with the player (Ryan, Rygby and Przybylski, 2006). This evolution has al...

15 Dec 2016

  Psychologist and theorist Csikszentmihalyi conducted decades of research to understand how certain pleasurable activities induced a phenomenon called “flow”, which he later defined as “a state of peak enjoyment, energetic focus, and creative concentration experienced...

22 Nov 2016

  Spatial awareness in games is ubiquitous - so ubiquitous, in fact, that players often don't realise that they automatically internalise its rules. Players are used to the rules of space in real life and understand how to move through it as well as what an obstacle is...

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