Commuting: The Board Game

Physical game themed around commuting, complete with resource management, random cards, and Londoner frustration.



Physical Materials || 2017 || Collaboration

Create a single player board game with meaningful choices, optimum solutions and random elements to create immersion.

  • Managing resources: energy, money, and time

  • Paying money each turn

  • Following a board representing the commuting journey, and throw a die to move

  • Choosing between several forms of transport, each with different cost but also different speeds (taxi is expensive but fast, bike is free but snow, tube is average)

  • Picking cards that can be very good... or just plain bad, adding an element of unpredictability to the game.

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Design Challenges

We decided to make a game themed around commuting in London, and all the hazards it entails. We decided to:

  • Create more than one core mechanic: we designed several mechanics based on managing resources and using tube lines as player journeys.

  • Use a humorous tone in line with the theme: we wrote cards using our Londoner experience, with some humour thrown in.

  • Create a challenging but understandable game: after initial playtesting, we realised that the game was too complex for a a small, visually pared down board. To correct this we made a strongly directive board to tell the player exactly what to do at every stage of the way.




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