12 second mental (puzzle) challenge, in which you have 12 seconds to forge a painting. Don't do this at home.



Adobe Animate CC || ActionScript || 2017

Create a 12-second long game based on a mental challenge. Only use basic programming concepts (basic logic, no arrays/for loops) and your own art to build the game.

  • 12 second timed challenge

  • Copy the (randomised) painting set-up

  • Pick-up and apply paint to the blank canvas

  • Mix paint to get certain colours


Solo project. I was responsible for the design, programming, and art.


Design Challenges

I wanted to make a puzzle game themed around choosing/mixing colours and painting.

Quick understanding of the gameplay was key, so I chose one of my favourite artists (Mondrian) as a visual inspiration because of his recognisable and bold colour blocks, easy for the player to understand and replicate.

 Add a bit of colour theory for getting the right colour and the stress of a 12 second timer and you're done!




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