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Narrative Designer | Co-Design/Code
[Collab] Office simulation, strategy, and petty revenge in 1960s Madison Avenue.
Narrative Designer | Design/Code
[In Progress] Café management game with a narrative core.
Narrative Designer | Co-Design/Code
[Collab] Narrative, choice-based game set during the 1930s Great Depression.
Game Designer | Programmer
Dynamic challenge themed around serving customers in a sushi shop.いらっしゃいませ! (Welcome!)
Co-Writer | Co-Designer
[Collab] Board game with resource management, random events, and Londoner frustration.
Game Designer | Programmer
Action game recounting the folklore myth of Hittite god Telepinu.
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Thesis - BA Games Design (Hons)
Ryū Ga Gotoku's Japaneseness in Local and Global Contexts: Challenges of Cultural Translation
3D Bus Stop Model
3DS Max 2017
Model of a London bus stop - and alternative "snowmageddon" version.
Catalogue of Writing
32-page catalogue of writing on Contextual & Theoretical Studies. Click to download.
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