Dynamic challenge themed around serving customers in a sushi shop. いらっしゃいませ! (Welcome!)



Unity || C# || 2018

Simple game system which presents a dynamic challenge, with continual progress but no win condition.

  • Serving customers who arrive faster and faster

  • Giving customers the food and drinks they want by looking at their list and picking-up the correct item

  • Replenishing food as the shop runs out

  • Monitoring customer's mood through visual cues - if one of them gets too angry, it's game over!


Solo project. I was responsible for the design, programming, and art.


Design Challenges

For this game (inspired by my part-time job at the time!) I wanted to make a visually simple game with a multi-layered challenge:

  • Create a clear UI: I created a UI that relied on visual cues such as numbers, items depleting, customers' mood reflected by colour and expressions

  • Create a smooth learning curve and a rising difficulty that did not feel immediately (or unfairly) punishing: allowing the player to learn the mechanics before being challenged, balancing the game carefully through playtesting

  • Create interlocking mechanics: I chose to make difficulty hinge on more than one mechanic to create a more layered and interesting challenge: customer arrival, customer anger meter, shopping list length

  • Allow players to learn over several playthroughs: I used the above interlocking mechanics to allow players to learn and refine their strategy (make drinks first, ensure food is replenished immediately, etc.).




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