Telepinu & The Bee

Action game themed around the folklore myth of Hittite god Telepinu.



Adobe Animate CC || ActionScript || 2017

Game themed around a myth/folklore, with challenge and a learning curve.

  • Managing resources (energy, flowers)

  • Using reflexes to navigate the screenspace and avoid being hit or carried by the wind

  • Using strategy to immobilise the enemy gradually


Solo project. I was responsible for the design, programming, and art.


Design Challenges

For this game I wanted to create:

  • A link between narrative and player learning: you first encounter the god when he is asleep and get a feel for the gameplay before the timer and attacks starts   

  • A multi-layered challenge including:       

    • Visual targets      

    • Time management       

    • Movement and attack       

    • Object avoidance       

    • Resource replenishment.   

  • Additional visual polish ("fun touches"): eyes moving to follow the player, enemy kneeling down when sufficiently hit, amusing bee animations, etc.




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