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The café

unity / narrative plug-in || C# || 2019 (IN PROGRESS) || collaboration

roles: narrative designer, game designer, programmer

Café management game with a narrative core. Grow and shape a run-down café, and make friends with the neighbours - every day brings new opportunities!


Create a game where character-driven narrative intersects with systems management. The game should allow the player to make their mark on the game space (the café), and to make regular and meaningful narrative choices.

  • Start the game with a blank canvas: a run-down café, and no regulars.

  • Every night, purchase products/objects that will shape your café. Consistent styles and choices will bring big visual changes and attract different customer types.

  • Every day, watch out for special customers you can talk to.
    Befriend them and they may provide some unique help - or even become regulars.

  • Regulars unlock more options for your café and will help you expand your customer base... and friend circle.

  • Everyone is unique and has their own preferences - perhaps one game and one café is not enough to befriend everyone...

Screenshot 2019-01-06 01.34.31.png


 The Café is a collaboration with illustrator Eleonor Piteira, who will create the art for the game.

project information

  • The project has an estimated completion date of 2019.

  • A first playable prototype is scheduled for Summer 2019.

  • The game will be free and released on itch.io. Further platforms TBC.

  • The game is intended as post-degree project, to keep practicing narrative and systems design.

  • The Café is a personal project.